31st August, 2006 -More screencaps from Faith

3rd August, 2006 - Over the Rainbow added to Angel Screencaps

2nd August, 2006 - Screencaps from Faith and Innocent Lies

2nd August, 2006 - Addition of multimedia clip from Faith

15th July, 2005 - Addition of Interview from Spectrum Magazine #35

5th March - Addition of multimedia clips from Murder Story and Highlander

5th March - Addition of more screencaps from Murder Story

4th March - Addition of screencaps from Highlander episode - Diplomatic Immunity

Sometime in here other screencaps were added for S3 Angel episodes...

29th July - Addition of screencaps to Angel episode - Guise Will Be Guise & The Shroud of Rahmon


26th July - Updated screencaps to Angel episode - Sleep Tight


14th July - Addition of screencaps to Murder Story


6th July - A new addition to the multimedia section with a clip from 'Tarzan and Jane'


5th July - We've added more movie screencaps - two movies 'Hostile Waters' and 'The Misadventures of Margaret'


1st July 2004 - Lets call this the official day of opening. All of us here at Kabeka have been working hard at getting everything together for this site. We dearly hope that you enjoy our little piece of Alexis worshiping.